Genelec GLM 3.0 Monitor Manager System til SAM serien


Genelec GLM 3.0 Monitor Manager System til SAM serien

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Genelec GLM kit, måle og optimaliseringssystem for Genelec sin SAM DSP serie.

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Genelec sitt GLM kit er en absolutt nødvedighet hvis du har produkter i Genelec sin SAM serie, dvs modellene 83xx og subwoofer 73xx, og ønsker å få utnyttet Gnelec sin romkorrigerings teknikk maksimalt.

Med GLM kan du optimalisere din lytteposisjon og gjør lytting betraktelig bedre uten å mått bygge om rommet helt.

Inneholder USB interface, USB kabel og målemic.


GLM tilbyr:

  • Manage and control up to 45 SAM monitors and subwoofers.
  • Easily and swiftly create systems to suit all types of stereo, multiple stereo, multichannel or 3D immersive audio formats.
  • Optimise, combine and switch between Genelec monitors to make the most of the environment in which you are working.
  • Use AutoCal to achieve neutral sound reproduction. Accurate and stable sound stage imaging is delivered thanks to adjustments of levels, distance delays, subwoofer crossover phase and room response compensation equalisation.

  • Use the personalisation feature to customise your preferred response - without sacrificing predictability.
  • Submit your GLM files to our Cloud Helpdesk facility to access online expert support and advice.
  • Calibrate listening levels to loudness standards, such as ATSC A/85 and EBU R128, without the need for a high quality external monitor controller or other measurement tools.
  • Take advantage of GLM Cloud services anywhere and anytime – providing a secure back-up and instant access to the very latest software updates and standards.

  • Manage levels with the GLM master fader calibrated in relative dB or absolute SPL scale, or with external wired or wireless level controllers available as accessories.
  • Store calibration settings for different listening positions; then instantly recall them as required during production.
  • Create and recall customised response curves and analogue or digital inputs.
  • Enjoy the benefits of repeatable and consistent performance, enabling accurate monitoring in any production environment.

GLM kit esken innholder:

 Quick Connection Guide

GLM™ Network Adapter
USB cable
Genelec 8300A Calibration microphone and holder for 3/8 in and 5/8 in thread