Zoom AC-3 Acoustic Creator, Di-boks


Zoom AC-3 Acoustic Creator, Di-boks

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AC-3 er en utvidet DI-boks som hjelper deg å få en god akkustisk gitarlyd hvor enn du er. AC-3 er bestykket med en effektprosessor, stereo utganger og kompressor. Sammen med høykvalitets forforsterker og en 3-bånds EQ er AC-3 et glimrende verktøy for live- og studiobruk.

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  • 16 Source gitar type/body presets som gjenskaper lyden fra gitaren du plugger inn
  • 15 target gitar type/body presets for ytterligere finjustering
  • ¼” jack ingang
  • To XLR balanserte utganger
  • To ¼” Jack utganger for mono eller stereo tilkobling til gitarforsterker, hodetelefoner og lydkort
  • Høykvalitets forforsterker med lavt støynivå
  • 9 effekter med justerbare parametere
  • Inngangsvalg for Piezo/magnetisk pickup
  • Innebygd kompressor
  • 3-bands equalizer
  • Justerbar gain/sensitivitet på inn- og utgang via én volumbryter
  • Clipping indikator
  • Anti-feedback kontroll
  • Boost switch for opptil 9 dB gain
  • Innebygd kromatisk stemmemaskin med LED-belysning
  • USB tilkobling for firmware oppdateringer
  • 3 strømvalg: 2 x AA batterier, den inkluderte Zoom AD-16 power adapter (9V DC in), eller strøm via micro-USB port

The Essential Acoustic DI

The AC-3 puts essential DI features right at your fingertips. Its high-quality preamp boosts your signal and helps restore your true acoustic sound. Plus, its 3-band EQ lets you quickly make the perfect adjustments to refine your tone. To add depth and color to your tone, AC-3 also features the best effects we’ve ever designed for acoustics. Choose from 9 different effects such as delay, chorus, and reverb, each of which has with adjustable parameters for fine-tuning your sound.

Dial In Your Source...

With 16 source guitar presets, the AC-3 recovers the sonic characteristics of a variety of guitar types and body shapes. You can choose from dreadnought, upright bass, nylon strings, 12 string, and more. Simply select your guitar of choice, then choose piezo or magnetic pickup. From there, the AC-3 is ready to reproduce and amplify your guitar’s tone with complete accuracy.

...and Target

The AC-3 also comes with 15 additional target guitar* presets that you can use to more accurately match your guitar’s tone. For example, when using a Martin D-18 dreadnought, you can choose the Dreadnought source guitar preset and the D-Eighteen target guitar preset to more closely match the unique sound of your instrument. Or if you’re playing a square shoulder guitar, choose the Square Shoulder source preset, then use the Humming Bird target preset to recreate your tone more accurately. *Not all target guitars are available from all source guitars. For instance, when plugging in a Resonator, you would turn your target guitar to “Off.” Please see page 10 of the operation manual for compatibility

Ultra Smooth Compression

Whether you’re lightly strumming or playing with a little more intensity, the AC-3’s single-knob compressor is one of the finest you’ve ever heard. Zoom's single-knob compressor makes it easy to smooth out and control your guitar’s dynamics for a full, balanced sound. Plus, the compressor’s LED indicator makes it simple to adjust dynamics parameters during a live set.

Stereo Outputs Times Two

The AC-3’s balanced XLR mono/stereo outputs with pre/post control allow you to connect to any PA mixing board or studio console. It also includes two ¼” outputs for simultaneous mono/stereo connection to amps, headphones, or audio interfaces. This allows audiences to hear the full character of stereo or delay effects.

Cut Feedback Automatically

The AC-3 is equipped with an anti-feedback button which can also be activated with Zoom’s FS-01 footswitch (sold separately). This automatically locates and eliminates problem frequencies—an essential for live performance.


To eliminate unwanted hum or buzz from mics or speakers, the AC-3 includes a ground/lift switch that interrupts ground loops between equipment.

Studio Magic

Thanks to the AC-3’s all-in-one design, you can record the rich, acoustic sound you love without the need for heavy post-production processing. Watch the clip below to see Kyle Bolden record directly from the AC-3 to his computer DAW.

Up to 9 dB of Additional Gain

You can also add up to 9 dB of gain with the tap of your foot using the AC-3's boost function, allowing you to switch from strumming to finger-picking without ever missing a note.

Three Ways to Power Up

Two AA batteries provide up to three hours of continuous power. Alternatively, you can use the included Zoom AD-16 AC adapter for plug-in power, or the micro USB port to bus power the AC-3 via your computer.


Here's what comes included with the AC-3:
AC adapter (AD-16)
Operation manual  

Optional accessory:

Foot switch (FS01)

Source Guitars:

16 Types

Target Guitars:

15 Types

Effect Types:

9 Types

Sampling Frequency:

44.1 kHz

A/D conversion:

24-bit with 128x oversampling

D/A conversion:

24-bit with 128x oversampling

Signal processing:


Frequency characteristics:

20 Hz – 20 kHz (+1 dB/-3 dB) (10 kO load)


Standard mono phone jack
Rated input level: -20 dBu
Input impedance: 10 MO


Standard stereo phone jack                            
(combined line/headphones)

Maximum output level:                       
Line +7 dBu
(10 kO or more output impedance)
Headphones 8 mW + 8 mW (32 O load)


Standard mono phone jack
Maximum output level: Line +7 dBu
(10 kO or more output impedance)


XLR jack
Output impedance:
PRE/POST (switchable)
GND LIFT (switchable)


XLR jack
Output impedance:
GND LIFT (switchable)

Equivalent input noise:

120 dBu

Noise floor (residual noise):

-100 dBu

Control input:

FS01 Input


AC adapter: 9 V DC 500 mA center negative (ZOOM AD-16)
Batteries: 2 AA (about 3 hrs continuous operation time using alkaline batteries)




6.22 in (D) X 4.21 in (W) X 2.04 in (H)


2.5 lbs (Not including batteries)


FS01 footswitch

Note:  0 dBu = 0.775 V

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