Gechic On-Lap 1503I Touch Monitor

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Gechic On-Lap 1503I Touch Monitor

Veil. pris: Kr 9 465,- inkl. mva
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On-Lap 1503I har en bred synsvinkel men likevel et kompakt design med smal ramme. Den er kun 12mm tykk og veier 1064g som gjør at du kan ta den med overalt med letthet!

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A revolutionary extension dock on Monitor 

On the strength of the original Rear Dock design, 1503I integrates the connectivity of USB-C power and HDMI signal by one cable. The progressive rear-side connectivity encourages various mobile applications with mini PC and Compute Stick.

Sensitive Projective Capacitive Touch Screen

Adopting advanced projective capacitive touch screen, 1503I is born for accurate and prompt touch response. It supports ten fingers multi-touch and Windows 8.1/ 10 touch gestures. No matter to tap, drag, flick or draw, it’s easy to operate by intuition with fingers or a stylus.

Rear Dock- Innovative Connectivity

Besides side ports, On-Lap 1503 series has invented Rear Dock port integrating touch, power, and video signal on the rear of monitor. Base on your demand, On-Lap 1503I provides three ways to connect:

Side Ports-  Cables visually for Easy-to-Use: Adopting lately USB-C for reversible plug. Supports HDMI and VGA proprietary video cable.
Rear Port- HDMI&USB Shared Cable: The connector of 30 pins helps to hide the cables behind the monitor. Connecting HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable on the rear port of 1503I and your device gives you a succinct working desk.
*On-Lap Proprietary HDMI-A & USB-A to dock port cable (1.2m) is optional
Rear Port- Get All in One easily! Plug Rear Dock into the dock port and insert a Compute Stick to it, 1503I turns into an AIO in a moment. Likewise, inserting a HDMI wireless display adapter or TV stick can create a unique entertainment center!


On-lap 1102I Touch Monitor
Panel 15.6” TFT IPS LCD (16:9 Wide) LED Backlight
Active Area 344.2mm*193.5mm (WxH)
Pixel Pitch 0.179mm (H) *0.179mm (V)
Resolution 1920x1080 (262K colors)
Brightness 250(cd/m2)(Typical)
Contrast 700:1(Typical)
Viewing Angle 80°/80°/80°/80° (Typical)
LED Backlight Lifetime: 15,000 hours (Brightness Declines 50%)
Type of touch screen Projective capacitive
Response Time (GTG) 12.5(ms)(Typical)
Screen Hardness Touch Screen Surface? 7H
Input Sensitivity Finger or passive stylus( Diameter of Touch Point ? 6.0mm)
Number of Detection 10-point multi-touch
Operation Supports Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10(Plug & Play)
Drivers for Android 2.0,2.1,2.2,2.3,4.0,4.1(Kernel 2.6.32or later)
Driver for Linux, Ubuntu, Windows CE, Windows XP
Rating Voltage 5V-DC
Rating Current 2A
Speakers 2x 1.0W(Max.) (Rated Impedance 4O at 2KHz)
Connectivity Headphone outx1
Micro-HDMI x1
VGA x1 (Optional)
USB(C)*1 Rear Dock Port*1
Resolutions of PC inputs including HDMI and VGA input 1920*1080(60Hz);?1600*900(60Hz); 1440*900(60Hz); 1366*768(60Hz)
1280*1024(60Hz); 1280*960(60Hz); 1280*800(60Hz/50Hz); 1280*768(60Hz/50Hz)
1280*720(60Hz/50Hz); 1024*768(60Hz)
(Caution: If video output frequency of computer graphic card is out of the above range, it may cause the panel damage.)
HDMI Video Display Capabilities 1080P(60Hz/50Hz);1080i(30Hz/25Hz);
Authorized Protection HDCP Compliant
Storage Temperature -10~60 ?
Operating Temperaure 0~50 ?
Accessories in Retail Package Cover Stand*1;
USB-A to USB-C power and touch signal cable(1.2m) *1
HDMI-A to micro-HDMI video cable(1.2m) *1
USB-A(male) to USB-A(female) power cable(1.2m) *1
Protective Cover*1? Stand*1?5V-2A adapter*1
Slotted Screw_silver(M2x7.5mm)*1?Philips Screw_Black(M2x3.2mm)*2
Optional Accessories Rear Dock: HDMI-A, USB-A, USB-C ports
Proprietary HDMI-A and USB-A to dock port cable(1.2m)
mini-HDMI to micro-HDMI video cable(2.1m)
HDMI-A to micro-HDMI video cable(2.1m)
USB-C to USB-A power and touch signal cable(2.1m)
Proprietary VGA video cable (1.2m)
Dimension 382mm*246mm*12mm(Monitor);
Color front bezel:black backcover:bluish black cover:black
Weight 1064g (Monitor); 282g(Stand); 290g(Cover)
Certification BSMI, CE, FCC,RCM, VCCI,KC and RoHS
Warranty 1 year limited

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