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Tilbehør Sonifex Balanced to Unbal. Converter, Passive, XLR to RCA

Sonifex Balanced to Unbal. Converter, Passive, XLR to RCA

Varenummer: SON-CM-LUX1

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CM-LUX1 Balanced to Unbalanced Audio Converter

This product allows the connection of a stereo balanced line input via 2 x female XLRs to a stereo unbalanced output on phono connectors.

It is transformer balanced, with a 2:1 ratio, so 6dB of attenuation is added to the input to help interface with the lower signal levels associated with consumer outputs.

This unit is a passive version of the RB-LU4 (though only 1 x stereo channel), and provides you with an alternative to having to interface a balanced output to an unbalanced input via specialist cables (either by shorting the non-phase to ground or disconnecting it).

It is particularly useful where a shared balanced audio feed needs interfacing to an unbalanced input on one or more pieces of equipment. Using a CM-LUR1 or CM-LUX1 galvanically isolates the audio, allowing you to connect via phono cables to an unbalanced input without compromising the distributed feed.

Block Diagram

Analogue Inputs

The stereo analogue input is on two female 3 pin XLR connectors with the following pin assignments:
Pin 1: 0V Common
Pin 2: Phase
Pin 3: Non Phase

RCA Phono Analogue Outputs

This unit uses a stereo unbalanced line output on a RCA phono connector with the following connections:

Pin Type Connection
White Tip: Left
White Screen: Ground
Red Tip: Right
Red Screen: Ground
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