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Tilbehør Sonifex Balanced to Unbal. Converter, Passive, RJ45 to RCA

Sonifex Balanced to Unbal. Converter, Passive, RJ45 to RCA

Varenummer: SON-CM-LUR1

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CM-LUR1 Balanced to Unbalanced Audio Converter

This product allows the connection of a stereo balanced line input via RJ45 with StudioHub+™ pinout to a stereo unbalanced output on stereo phono connectors.

It is transformer balanced, with a 2:1 ratio, so 6dB of attenuation is added to the input to help interface with the lower signal levels associated with consumer outputs.

This unit is a passive version of the RB-LU4 (though only 1 x stereo channel), and provides you with an alternative to having to interface a balanced output to an unbalanced input via specialist cables (either by shorting the non-phase to ground or disconnecting it).

It is particularly useful where a shared balanced audio feed needs interfacing to an unbalanced input on one or more pieces of equipment. Using a CM-LUR1 or CM-LUX1 galvanically isolates the audio, allowing you to connect via phono cables to an unbalanced input without compromising the distributed feed.

Block Diagram

Connectors & Controls

Analogue Inputs

The stereo analogue input is on a female RJ45 connector with the following standard StudioHub+™ pin assignments:

Pin No Connection
1 Left Phase
2 Left Non-Phase
3 Right Phase
4 Ground
5 N/C
6 Right Non-Phase
7 N/C
8 N/C

RCA Phono Analogue Outputs

This unit uses a stereo unbalanced line output on a RCA phono connector with the following connections:

Pin Type Connection
White Tip: Left
White Screen: Ground
Red Tip: Right
Red Screen: Ground
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