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Tidskode AMBIENT ACN NanoLockit double Timecode Generator/Transceiver

AMBIENT ACN NanoLockit double Timecode Generator/Transceiver

Varenummer: AMB-ACN-NL-D

Veil. pris: kr 8 360,- inkl. mva

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Ambient Nano Lockit


The small, wireless and easy-to-use timecode generator

For 25 years, the Ambient Lockit is the market leading portable, 
timecode and sync generator worldwide. The NanoLockit is the latest 
and smallest member of the Lockit Family.

The NanoLockit is designed to be the most intuitive, reliable, 
and easy-to-use timecode generator for all applications.

Additionally, the unit features everything you need for high-end 
feature film and serial drama production while it is fully 
compatible with the market-leading ACN Lockit timecode system.

With its matchbox-size form-factor, it provides timecode by way 
of our acclaimed Lockit circuitry to anything from DSLRs to film cameras. 
Despite its small size, it delivers our crystal-tuned timecode via 
the industry standard, locking 5-pin LEMO connector.
And for newer users that may not be using timecode gear, we include a 
LEMO to 3.5mm interface cable so the NanoLockit will work for DSLRs 
and consumer cameras right out of the box.

It’s wireless timecode that simply works. The onboard wireless 
ACN system enables syncing of all units on set with one click – and 
makes the NanoLockit compatible with all other ACN Lockit devices. 
The days of tediously jamming Lockits one-by-one with a cable are finally past.

This, along with the auto power on external supply feature, enables a 
set and forget process on hard to access configurations such as steadycams, 
gimbals, and drones – while the integrated battery will power the 
NanoLockit for at least 35 hours on a full charge.
The ACN is our Lockit-specific, long-range radio network that transmits 
timecode and metadata.

The buttons control all important functions. There’s no need for an app 
to adjust settings in the field. Use the built-in real time clock or feed 
in external timecode via the LEMO port.

Syncing up even the most complex gear setup is literally a one button experience.
After being set to the internal Real Time Clock or jammed by external timecode, 
any NanoLockit can wirelessly jam sync all other units on the set. 
The framerate is set automatically when jammed and does not require connection 
to an app or in-depth menu navigation.


Technical Data

Highly accurate timecode generator
Less than 1 frame drift per day in autonomous mode, zero drift with active C-Jam master in ACN
Supports all TC framerates
Full ACN support for ease of use and enhanced network capabilities
Auto framerate configuration on jam
Professional, locking Lemo connector with TC in/out and ACN metadata support
Timecode output level adjustable for LTC on audio track on non-timecode equipment as DSLRs
Metadata transceiver for RED Digital Cinema cameras
Generator buffered timecode transceiver with
Self-configuring SMPTE and MIDI timecode in- and output
Easy-to-read bicolor status LED
Micro USB connector for external power supply, simultaneous internal battery charging, MIDI timecode, communication, and firmware updates
35hrs+ operation on full charge in 2 hrs, fast charge 15 min for 4hrs of operation
Solid aluminium body
Size: 65.5 mm (2.6“) x 36,5 mm (1.4“) x 21 mm (0.8“) plus antenna 31mm (1.2“)
Weight: 72 g

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