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Metervare Klotz 4 Par Multikabel Tour Flexibel PolyLIVE OD 8,7mm.

Klotz 4 Par Multikabel Tour Flexibel PolyLIVE OD 8,7mm.

Varenummer: PL22Y04

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Neste forventede leveranse:
Klotz PolyLIVE, the cable designed for live stage use, successfully combines superb 
performance with compact dimensions. The best-selling multicore in the KLOTZ catalogue, 
it offers up to 48 pairs. The high conductor cross-section of 0.22 mm² prevents signal 
attenuation and can easily handle transmission over long distances. The polyethylene 
insulation of the conductors delivers low capacitance to avoid treble loss. 
Short aligned lay lengths ensure high crosstalk attenuation between individual audio channels. 
Each individual core is shielded by AL-coated foil with integrated drain wire and 
wrapped in plastic foil to prevent short-circuiting of the individual pair shields. 
The PolyLIVE is thus the ideal basis for manufacturing single-ground systems. 
The entire cable is enclosed in an ultra-dense braided shield of tinned copper and a 
rugged outer PVC jacket. With pre-tinned drain wires and Klotz colour-coded pair markings, 
the PolyLIVE is outstandingly easy to work with.
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