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Metervare Klotz hybrid 2xCAT5e-2xdigital audio-power 2,5mm2

Klotz hybrid 2xCAT5e-2xdigital audio-power 2,5mm2

Varenummer: RCSB2D2P2

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Designed at the special request of KLOTZ customers, this hybrid cable combines two network 
connections with the specifications of the Klotz RC5SB cable (from the RamCAT range) with 
two digital audio cables and a power supply cable. This universal multicore is at home in 
all audio network and DMX/lighting control applications. The two RC5SB cables have solid 
conductors with diameter of 0.52 mm and low signal attenuation, enabling them to be used 
for network connections of up to 100 m. Their structure features a stabilizing cross-shaped 
PE element for the four stranded cables. The data cables have foil screening and high-coverage 
copper braiding. The two audio cables offer characteristic impedance of 110 ohm, ensuring that 
the cable is suitable for transmission of analogue/digital audio signals and control signals 
for DMX systems. A three-strand power cable with a conductor cross-section of 3 x 2.5 mm2 completes 
the extensive range of features offered by this hybrid cable.


RCSB2D2P hybrid cable - 2 x CAT5e + 2 x digital audio + power 2.5 mm²
2 RAMCAT5 RC5SB - solid, AWG 24/1, foil and braid shielded
2 digital audio cables - 110 Ohm, AWG 24/7, foil and braid shielded
1 power supply 3x 2.5 mm²

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