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Stagebokser Klotz 12 channels AES/EBU cable plug F XLR 12 OUT, M RMP 37

Klotz 12 channels AES/EBU cable plug F XLR 12 OUT, M RMP 37

Varenummer: AVNF12XM

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Klotz Multicore Fanouts are the ideal choice for applications where analogue or digital audio signals 
have to be distributed and processed. 
The fanouts are fitted with RMP connectors – from the shortest patch cable to the longest connector 
cable – ensuring the RMP F/M philosophy is consistently in place throughout all peripherals. 
The RMP connectors have rustproof aluminium housing and bayonet connections, providing 
IP 67 rating in both connected and closed states. They are also incredibly reliable 
(over 2000 mating cycles) even in the harshest outdoor conditions. 
The fanout of the 1.2-m Patch Cable is based on our OT1000 AES/EBU Patch Cable. 
With an external diameter of a mere 4.6 mm, it’s extremely compact – and, with ultra-dense 
tinned copper spiral shield, also superbly flexible. 
Fanouts in lengths of 3–15 m are made up with our multicore cables; we use PolyLIVE for analogue signals,
and OmniLIVE for digital signals. PolyLIVE is our best-selling multicore. Low capacitance, 
outstanding crosstalk attenuation thanks to matched lay lengths, and an array of shielding features 
all keep external interference at bay. 
OmniLIVE also offers outstanding electrical properties combined with extra-low external diameter and 
obligatory 110-ohm characteristic impedance. 
Fanouts are available with Neutrik XLR connectors. 
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