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Installasjon Apart 2-channel digital power amplifier 2 x 60 watts

Apart 2-channel digital power amplifier 2 x 60 watts

Varenummer: APA-REVAMP2060T

Veil. pris: kr 5 720,- inkl. mva

Lagerstatus: 2 på lager
Neste forventede leveranse:
The new versatile REVAMP2060T is a professional 2-channel digital power amplifier with 2 x 60 watts output power @ 100 volts or @ 4 ohms, that can easily be bridged into a powerful 120 watts @ 100 volts or 8 ohms single amplifier.

This Class-D amplifier has a galvanic separated toroidal output transformer built in to avert external influences & disturbances. A fast installation tool on the rear is the clip LED indicator that can be used during the configuration of the input gain.

The convection cooled REVAMP2060T has no fan inside which implies that the amplifier works silent and stays dust-free at all times. This maintenance-free feature together with the ease of installation via multiple input and link connection

options makes the REVAMP2060T the preferred installer’s choice. The slim 1U design without front control makes the REVAMP2060T a unique all-round amplifier unlike any other in the market.
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