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Tilbehør Apart Digital Priority/Emergency Extender

Apart Digital Priority/Emergency Extender

Varenummer: APA-DIPEX

Veil. pris: kr 2 450,- inkl. mva

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Digital Priority/Emergency Extender for AUDIOCONTROL12.8

DIPEX is a versatile digital priority / emergency extender for use with AUDIOCONTROL12.8, easy to configure via the host's graphical installer interface. It allows you to connect message players (e.g. promotional messages in supermarkets that change on a daily basis or modern pop tunes as an alternative to the boring old fashioned school bel) or to make a connection with EVAC and alarm centrals to produce evacuation messages or alarm signals. DIPEX also allow you to paging via the telephone central or to create an overall mute contact for the AUDIOCONTROL12.8.

When the DIPEX has been triggered, the line level signal will go into the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 via the DIMIC paging bus. The priority level of DIPEX can be set between 0 and 7. The 'priority zero' makes the line level signal of the DIPEX have absolute priority, a must in case of emergencies! Priority zero is only available on the DIPEX and cannot be selected on DIMIC microphones.

When the priority switch is activated, the chime for the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 will not sound (in case of emergency every second counts)! Another advantage of DIPEX is its full range sound quality that allows alarm or messages between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. DIPEX has a configuration/test button, power and multicolour status LED.

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