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Installasjon - Horn / Projector Apart Two-way pendant sphere speaker, 100 volt / 16 watts

Apart Two-way pendant sphere speaker, 100 volt / 16 watts

Varenummer: APA-SPH16

Veil. pris: kr 710,- inkl. mva

Lagerstatus: 24 på lager
Neste forventede leveranse:
Two-way pendant sphere loudspeaker

The Apart SPH16 is a two-way 100 volt pendant sphere loudspeaker with a very clear sound reproduction. These speakers allow a loud and wide sound dispersion to be produced with a minimal number of loudspeakers. SPH16 is the most cost-effective solution for background music or speech in installations with high ceilings where you need to cover an expansive area (warehouses, supermarkets, industrial buildings...).

This two-way loudspeaker gives you natural music and high speech intelligibility (announcements). They allow you to make a very competitive price offer, because using less loudspeakers also has an impact on your amplifier power needed and the cost to have them installed.

SPH16 has an ABS plastic housing, a 5.25” coated paper cone woofer and 1” tweeter. This loudspeaker has several power tappings (16 – 8 – 4 watts 100 volt transformer) and has an IP53 rating what makes it weather- and UV-proof. A 4.5 m cable with a safety cord inside is included.

The standard colour is white, but as an option the SPH16 can be painted in any RAL colour (REF: PAINT-SPH) when ordering a minimum quantity of 12 pieces.

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