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Tidskode AMBIENT ACN Master Lockit

AMBIENT ACN Master Lockit

Varenummer: AMB-ACN-ML

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Ambient Master Lockit

ACN-ML – The flagship and hub of the sophisticated ACN System

The ACN-ML Master Lockit is both the flagship and hub of the sophisticated Ambient ACN system.

It is a timecode master and ”On the Set“ metadata server. With its dual processor architecture, the Master Lockit truly is the most powerful timecode device we have ever built. Using the acclaimed Lockit timecode generator with its rock-solid, high-accuracy, temperature-compensated oscillator,
along with the sophisticated ACN, the Master Lockit offers features like  generator-buffered timecode transceiving or 0.0ppm drift between linked units through the unique continuous jam with control and monitoring through the integrated web GUI.
The new control center for all Lockits in your arsenal

The Master Lockit adds control, flexibility and comfort to your existing Lockit setup.
Being designed to perform as central hub in your system, the unit is able to display and control all other ACN devices on set. With built-in web access, ACN system control is also available using the browser of any computer or mobile device via WiFi or ethernet. This enables you to name your Lockits and assign them to the camera or audio recorder to which they are connected.
What’s more, you can remotely jam sync all units on set, view battery status, set the time, use time of day, see the last clap time of the ACN-LS. Thus, one ACN-ML on your sound cart or in your bag improves efficiency by enabling control and monitor capability from a single location. Simply switch on your Lockits in the morning, set them to the correct ACN channel, and mount them on the device. The rest can be performed remotely and you always are up to date what your units are doing.
Interfaces with cameras for critical metadata collection including full ARRI ALEXA support

Ambient has partnered with ARRI to integrate ALEXA metadata protocol into the ACN-ML via Ethernet. This enables the Master Lockit to supply the ALEXA with driftless timecode while simultaneously collecting all provided metadata.

In addition, it has built-in GP I/O and LANC ports, enabling the Master Lockit to collect record start / stop positions of most cameras, including Red, Blackmagic and Panasonic.
Built-In WiFi router shares ACN collected data between multiple iPads

While the internal memory centrally stores and hosts all metadata collected through ACN connected units, iPads running LockitSCRIPT and TonMeister apps automatically sync their data though the Master Lockit’s router functionality.
Meanwhile, a local data backup is preserved on ACN devices and the apps for maximum data safety or later synchronization with the hub.
Double Timecode and Power I/O
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