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Metervare Klotz HD SDI Video 1.6/7.2AF grønn PVC

Klotz HD SDI Video 1.6/7.2AF grønn PVC

Varenummer: VD167SY

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Anbefalt Neutrik BNC kontakt NBLC75BVZ17

HD-SDI - Digital Video Cable: 1.6/7.2AF

- ultra-low attenuation
- double shielding (100 % foil + 95% braid)
- PE jacket for underground installation (VD167SE)
- Flame Retardant and Non-Corrosive (VD167SH)
- not suitable for mobile HD-SDI use

The V16/72 is a cable designed for outstanding ultra-low-loss transmission in fixed installations with extremely long transmission distances.

Its solid copper core with diameter of 1.63 millimetres features ultra-low signal attenuation.

Typical transmission distances under SMPTE standards are 590 metres for SDI video signals, 160 metres for 1.5-Gb/s HD-SDI signals and
116 metres for 3 Gb/s signals.

However, in practice longer distances may well be possible depending on the devices used. The core is enclosed in a physically foamed
PE dielectric medium that ensures signal transmission with low return loss and ultra-low attenuation.

Effective protection against electromagnetic interference is offered by double shielding comprising an AL double composite layer
and an ultra-densely woven copper shield providing over 95 per cent screening.

The The V16/72 is available with a choice of three jacket materials: durable PVC, fl ame-retardant halogen-free FRNC for
fixed installations, or UV-resistant polyethylene for outdoor cabling.

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