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Optisk Klotz DVI Extender Set, MMF, OpticalCON Duo

Klotz DVI Extender Set, MMF, OpticalCON Duo

Varenummer: EXT1K12O

Veil. pris: kr 38 409,- inkl. mva

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DVI-/HDMI signals can be transmitted over long distances with optical fibre technology. To achieve this, the signals must be converted into optical signals.
KLOTZ Extender Boxes are a particularly suitable solution for mobile applications.

In a rugged design tailored to touring life, the EXT1K12O active fibre-optic convertor box with integrated opticalCON Duo socket.

The Extender Boxes are available with 19" housings or with housings for use with trusses and other mobile structures. Both these models are built from stable aluminium to withstand all possible mechanical strain.

- comprises DVI Extender IN, Rack Version 19" and DVI Extender OUT, Truss & Floor Box
- transmission length up to 300 m
- TMDS video signal and EDID data are also transmitted by the FO cable
- DVI 1.0 & HDCP compliant
- max. resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200 px) or 1080p (12bit Deep Colour)
- 2 power cables included (2x PCONS0150)

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