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Metervare Klotz PolyFIx Installasjon multikabel 4p sort

Klotz PolyFIx Installasjon multikabel 4p sort

Varenummer: PX22XY04

Veil. pris: kr 60,- inkl. mva

Lagerstatus: 0 på lager
Neste forventede leveranse:
  The multicore range for fixed installations. Large conductor cross-sections, low capacitances,
precise paired twisting and double shielding (foilshielded pairs plus overall foil shield)
ensure distortion- and interference free transmission of analog audio signals. With the latest
generation of this cable a conductor insulation from cross-linked polyethylene is applied to
avoid shrinking during soldering. The tough PVC outer sheath ensures easy installation in cable ducts.
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