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Metervare Klotz HD SDI Video 0.5L/2.0 AF V05L/20

Klotz HD SDI Video 0.5L/2.0 AF V05L/20

Varenummer: VD042LT

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Neste forventede leveranse:
Digital Video Cable - 0.5L/2.0 AF
- analog + digital video
- flexible stranded inner conductor
- double shielding (100 % foil + 90% braid)
- not suitable for mobile HD-SDI use

A cable for transmitting both digital and analogue video signals. Compact,light and designed for short distances,
it is ideal for indoor cabling applications where space is at an absolute premium, such as racks or
outdoor broadcasting units.
The V05L/20 is ultra-flexible thanks to its supple stranded wire core. The conductor is capable of transmitting an SDI
video signal over 155 metres, a 1.5-Gb/s (HDTV) signal over 40 metres and a 3-Gb/s signal (HD-SDI) over 25 metres.
The flexible copper wire of the inner conductor is tinned for rapid soldering.
The conductor is enclosed in a physically foamed PE dielectric medium.
Effective protection against electromagnetic interference is offered by double shielding comprising an
AL foil shield enclosing the conductor and insulation, over which an ultra-densely woven copper shield provides over 90 per cent screening.
The outer jacket is of highly temperature-resistant thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

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