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Audio multi Klotz Hybrid convertCON/etherCON/Schuko 25 m

Klotz Hybrid convertCON/etherCON/Schuko 25 m

Varenummer: H4WCCEX025

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Klotz H4WCCEX is the perfect solution for using a single cable to connect all remote equipment 
including power supply. It is the best way to minimize the work involved in cabling and 
avoid interference from differing earth potentials. 

Klotz H4WCCEX 2 x CAT, 2 x audio / DMX and power hybrid cable with convertCON / etherCON and schuko
with etherCON plug
2 double shielded CAT5e patch cables
Neutrik convertCON: XLR 3p. unisex
2 double shielded digital audio lines - 110 Ω (AWG24/7)
Schuko socket with rotary lock - red ring
power cable 3 x 2.5 mm²
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