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Routere/matriser XTA DC1048 4 in/8 out Matrix mixer with DSP

XTA DC1048 4 in/8 out Matrix mixer with DSP

Varenummer: XTA-DC1048

Veil. pris: kr 21 000,- inkl. mva

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Matrisemikser med DSP. 4 inn/8 ut.

Installation audio processing becomes a whole lot easier with the introduction of the new DC1048.

Working in conjunction with a new software package, iCore, it's easy to program the unit the way you want, and then unplug the computer, safe in the knowledge that settings can't be changed, and even if they are, setting up timed presets ensures they'll be back as they should be by the next morning!

Units may be networked via RS485 and are compatible with the wireless Walkabout system.

DC1048 Feature

Offering full matrix mixing and a pallette of EQ functions to satisfy even the most
demanding application, the DC1048 doesn’t compromise your processing, whilst offering a range of installation-friendly features.

24-bit high end converters coupled with a 96k sample rate, ensure a bandwidth in
excess of 30kHz and a dynamic range of over 112dB.

XTA's world class limiters, offer unrivalled transparency, give peace of mind
when configuring a system to “set and forget”. Systems that are often driven hard "into the red" and with heavy limiting, more often than not, sound harsh and tiring. Our limitiers are renowned for their smooth controlled behavoiur, even when working hard.
Quick access keys make setting up the remote facilities a breeze, with simple easy to remember menus. Preset recalls may also be actioned from the front panel. 

The real time clock and calendar in each unit allows for the set-up of fully automated preset recalls, so your system can seamlessly adapt in the background with no need for user intervention.

Display and guide LEDs fade up when the unit is locally accessed, with the display fading up independently when remotely accessed.

With a GPIO interface built in, along with the USB easy access front panel connector, and RS485 networking, it’s easy to get your system configured
and then left secure with only remote access via the touch panels (or any other system you choose).

As with all xta products, excellent sound quality is assured through the heritage of the 4 Series processing platform, and the use of high resolution, high
sample rate audio converters.

Remote touch sensitive wall panels allow for quick recall of up to four presets (with the facility to program an offset
for different banks). These panels can be parallelled up around a venue so any one will trigger a system-wide recall, with messages relaying via RS485.

An additional control line allows for an override memory to work with emergency evacuation systems.

DC1048 Specifications

Inputs: 4 electronically balanced
Impedance: > 10k ohms.
CMRR : >65dB 50Hz - 10kHz.

Outputs: 8 electronically balanced
Source Imp: < 60ohms
Min. Load: 600ohm
Max. Level: +20dBm into 600 Ohm Frequency Resp.:+½dB 20Hz-20kHz-3dB @ 32kHz
Dyn. Range:>112dB 20Hz-20k unwtd
Distortion:< .02%@1kHz,+18dBm
Maximum Delay: 650 mS
Min Step Size: 0.3 µS
Input Gain: +6dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps
Output Gain: +15dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps and mute

Parametric Equalisation
8 per Input / 9 Sections per Output
Filter Gain: +15dB to -30dB in 0.1dB steps. Freq. Range: 19.7Hz - 32kHz, 1/36 octave steps.
Filter Q / BW: 0.4 to 128 / 2.5 to 0.008(Sections switched to shelving response)
Low frequency: 19.2Hz - 1kHz
~ High frequency: 1kHz - 32kHz
Shelf gains: ±15dB in 0.1dB steps.

High and Lowpass Filters,
1 of each per output.
Freq. Range HPF: 10Hz - 16kHz1/36 octave steps.
Freq. Range LPF: 35Hz - 22kHz1/36 octave steps.
Responses: 1st Order 6dB/Oct.
Bessel/Butterworth/Linkwitz-Riley 12-24dB/Oct.
Bessel/Butterworth 18dB/Oct.

Program Limiter:
Threshold: +22dBu to -10dBu
Attack time: 0.3 to 90 milliseconds
Release time: 2/4/8/16/32 x Attack time

“D-Max” Limiter:
Attack Time: -60uS
Release Time: Slow/Medium/Fast

Display: 2 x 16 Character LCD Input meter: 2 x 5 point, -24dB to digital clip.Output meter: 8 x 6 point, -24dB to +4dB into limit.

Inputs: 3 pin Phoenix
Outputs: 3 pin Phoenix.
Comms – USB (Front Panel)
RS485:3 pin Phoenix
Power: 3 pin IEC

Power: 60 to 250V ±15% @ 50/60Hz.
Consumption: < 30 watts.
Weight: 3.3kg. Net (4.7kg. Shipping)
Size: 1.75"(1U) x 19" x 11.8" (44 x 482 x 300mm) excluding connectors

Latency: 1.5mS (analogue in – analogue out @ 96kHz)

Due to continuing product improvement the above specifications are subject to change.
DC1048 Architects' Specifications

The digital processor shall provide 4 inputs,and 8 outputs. It shall provide four into eight channels of matrix mixing, with each input channel including 8 bands of parametric EQ, all with adjustable response types. Each output channel shall provide high and low pass filters, 9 bands of parametric EQ (with adjustable response types), a program limiter ad a clip limiter.

There shall be up to 650mS of delay available on each output, in 300nS increments. Any output mya be fed from a mix of any of the four inputs with variable matrix mxing for the relative elevsl fo the four inputs.

Headroom metering shall be available for inputs and outputs.. Parameter information shall be shown on an LCD display. Only basic set-up of interface options and preset recalls shall be available from the front panel, and this may be locked out either completely or allowing preset recalls only. A additional security lockout facility shall be provided to limit remote access, augmented by full remote control from a PC via USB, or RS485.

The unit shall offer front panel recall of up to 20 memories, up to 16 of which are also available via closed contact GPI recall interface. A real time clock and calendar will also allow for automatic recalls on either a one-shot or repeated weekly basis.

The audio processing shall meet or exceed the following specifications:- Frequency Response +-0.5dB 20Hz - 20kHz (-3db @ 32kHz). Dynamic Range > 112dB 20Hz - 20kHz unw.

Inputs and outputs shall be via "Phoenix" connectors and be electronically balanced. GPI connections shall be via "Phoenix" mini-connector strip. The digital audio processor shall be a 1U, 19" rack mount device capable of operating from a 60V AC - 240V AC 50/60Hz supply. The digital audio processor shall be the XTA Electronics model DC1048.

Ytterligere informasjon: http://www.audiocore.co.uk/products-dc1048.html


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