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Konferanseutstyr ClearOne XAP 400 – 4-channel AEC Microphone Mixer

ClearOne XAP 400 – 4-channel AEC Microphone Mixer

Varenummer: CLO-910-151-201L

Veil. pris: kr 24 825,- inkl. mva

Lagerstatus: 2 på lager
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Prosessor for lydbehandling og distribusjon som kombinerer de avanserte funksjonene i XAP 800 med en telefonhybrid og en 10W forsterker for å fungere som et selvstendig telekonferansesystem.

XAP® — The best audio conferencing system available. Period.

You may have heard some noise from one of our competitors about their new echo cancellation module, which gives you a signal range up to 20kHz. This is nothing new. ClearOne professional conferencing products have delivered wideband audio signals from 20Hz to 20kHz for years, which more than adequately cover the audio frequency range that the average human ear can hear.

In fact, we've gone far beyond simply covering that frequency range. Our professional audio conferencing products feature an impressive array of sophisticated audio processing technologies that deliver a clear, natural sounding audio conference experience.

With ClearOne, echo cancellation is just the beginning. We deliver a comprehensive set of proven technologies that combine to deliver the best-sounding audio conferencing experience possible.

Distributed Echo Cancellation®
Noise Cancellation
First Microphone Priority
Adaptive Modeling
ClearEffect™ (Available on Converge 560/590, RAV, and MAX only)

Who would you rather trust to deliver mission-critical audio conferencing - someone who just barely introduced echo cancellation into the market, or ClearOne, the worldwide leader in premium audio conferencing solutions?

Comprehensive Technology Offering
Simply providing an echo cancellation module does not translate into a premium audio conferencing solution. ClearOne channel partners and customers specify our products time and again because our combination of sophisticated audio processing technologies delivers superior audio conferencing clarity. These technologies include Distributed Echo Cancellation®, Noise Cancellation, First Microphone Priority, Adaptive Modeling, and ClearEffect™. (Click here for more details on these technologies.*)
Industry Leading Technical Support
ClearOne's technical support is well-known throughout the industry for delivering the best support for not only product issues, but also for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. This level of support is unmatched by the competition.
Rich History in Audio Conferencing
We have been developing, refining, and enhancing our premium audio conferencing products for over 20 years, and have delivered over 80,000 installed professional audio conferencing systems to companies all over the world, such as Boeing, Cisco, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, NASA, NBA, and Merrill Lynch. Our experience in so many different environments and configurations gives us a clear understanding of audio issues, and has enabled us to develop and deliver the premium professional offering to the marketplace.
Satisfied Customers

University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences
"The quality of the sound throughout the facility is amazing. The audio coming in and going out of both the auditorium and divisible classroom sounds just like a person's voice. And even in the exam rooms, which are very difficult acoustic environments with their mirrors, hard floors and walls, the ClearOne equipment delivers excellent sound quality.

"The combined effect of the high quality ClearOne gear and a sophisticated installation by Cytek Media Systems is particularly pronounced in the auditorium. Each seat has microphone access, the speakers are 'zoned,' and echo is controlled. The result is that everyone can hear and be heard clearly, no matter how far away they are seated, and the sound quality on recordings and at the far-end site during videoconferences is also very realistic."
- Dr. Robert Rubeck, Chief information Officer
  University North Dakota of School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
"CDC is the primary hub in national crisis situations, which makes communication extremely important. As a result, we are specifying the best possible products in the Emergency Operations Center. ClearOne's products are developed specifically for these types of mission critical applications."
- C. Charles Stokes, President
  CDC Foundation

Best Buy
"We selected ClearOne's products because they are the de facto industry standard for challenging audio environments. The XAP line offers unrivaled performance and flexibility for the high-end conference and meeting rooms throughout the Best Buy facility."
- Jeff Stoebner, Vice President of Sales
  AVI Systems (specified and installed audiovisual products in Best Buy campus)


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