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Metervare Klotz HD SDI Video 1.2L/4.8D PUR High Flex V12L/48 (1505F)

Klotz HD SDI Video 1.2L/4.8D PUR High Flex V12L/48 (1505F)

Varenummer: VD125LP

Veil. pris: kr 68,- inkl. mva

Lagerstatus: 110 på lager
Neste forventede leveranse:
VD125LPS / V12L/48

- flexible stranded bare copper inner conductor
- very dense double tinned copper braid
- ultra-low attenuation (HD-SDI up to 100m)
- robust PUR jacket

The ideal choice for all applications needing a rugged video cable for out-door use,
the V12L48DP is designed for harsh conditions on the road and is ideal for mobile transmission of HD-SDI signals.

Thanks to its ultra-low signal attenuation, it complies with SMPTE standards by offering transmission distances of
375 metres for SDI video signals, 100 metres for a 1.5 HD-SDI Gb/s signal and 70 metres for 3.0 Gb/s – powerful
performance that is unique to this cable.

The sophisticated design features fl exible copper stranded core, physically foamed PE dielectric medium,
a shield of two ultra-dense braided copper layers and an extremely rugged PUR-a-Flex jacket, and is
specifically aimed at the maximum fl exibility and durability for mobile out-door and stage use.
The V12L/48DP can even handle a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C; its outer jacket is resistant to high
and low temperatures, abrasion, notching and tear propagation.

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