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Konvertere Solid State Logic Alpha Link MADI-AX AD/DA

Solid State Logic Alpha Link MADI-AX AD/DA


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AD/DA konverter med 24 ADAT, MADI og 24 analog I/O. Routing i boksen. Høy lydkvalitet. Gir 48 samtidige kanaler inn og ut via MADI. 24 analoge og 24 digitale samtidig.

Perfekt sammen med DeltaLink og MADI Xtreme-kortene fra Solid State Logic.

XLogic Workstation Interface Solutions
The XLogic Alpha-Link Audio I/O range is a new family of fully featured multi-channel Audio Converters for Studio, Live and Broadcast Applications. The three different models each feature our high quality 24-channel AD/DA converter circuitry.

All Alpha-Link units can be used as standalone format converters, but used in combination with a Soundscape Mixpander PCI card they provide a powerful, highly flexible I/O solution for native PC-based audio workstations.


XLogic Alpha-Link MADI AX
Professional MADI to ADAT & AD DA converter
Featuring up to 64 channels of digital MADI I/O at 48kHz (or 32 channels at 96kHz), 24 ADAT Lightpipe digital inputs and outputs at up to 48kHz (12 ADAT Lightpipe digital inputs and outputs at up to 96kHz), 24 analogue I/O and much more, the Alpha link MADI AX delivers a dependable, versatile, high quality MADI Interface to ADAT Lightpipe based conversion solution.

Alpha Link MADI SX & MADI AX shared features
56 or 64 MADI digital inputs and outputs at up to 48kHz, 28 or 32 MADI digital inputs and outputs at up to 96kHz.
24 analogue inputs and outputs with SSL enhanced AD DA at up to 96kHz on D-Sub connectors (for use with D-Sub to XLR looms).
Word/SuperClock input and output.
Video Sync input functionality for the WordClock input: the Video Sync. signal can be converted to WordClock internally and transmitted via the WordClock output.
MIDI input and output.
Connects to Mixpander via Expansion Bus port.
All input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration.
Comprehensive input/output routing & mode selection matrix.
Analogue input/output metering via 24 tricolour LEDs.

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