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PA 4 in 8 out matrix/mixer w/full DSP, I core 1 unit

4 in 8 out matrix/mixer w/full DSP, I core 1 unit

Varenummer: MCA-TI1048

Veil. pris: kr 23 365,- inkl. mva

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Break multiple channels off your network with a TiBoB, then apply EQ, mixing and dynamics with a Ti1048, and set up complete off-line system monitoring.

Offering full matrix mixing and a palette of EQ functions to satisfy even the most demanding application, the Ti1048 doesn’t compromise your processing. 24-bit high end converters, coupled with a 96k sample rate ensure a bandwidth in excess of 30kHz and a dynamic range of over 112dB.

XTA’s world class limiters, offering unrivalled transparency (even when being driven hard) give peace of mind when configuring a system  to “set and forget”, guaranteeing it will always sounds its best and be safe. Set-up of timed preset recalls, along with full  real time monitoring and control offer complete peace of mind. Then just unplug the USB and you’re good to go!

A brand new software package, iCore, has been developed to work alongside all Ti Series components (amplifiers, breakout boxes, processors) and provides a centralised point for all control and monitoring. Via either the front USB or an RS485 link, the Ti1048 is entirely configured under iCore."


Gain Ranges:
+6dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps (Input); +15db to -40dB in 0.1dB steps (Output)
+6dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps plus mute (Matrix)

Parametric Filter Suite:  8 bands pre input, 9 Bands per output
Filter Gain:  +15dB to -30dB in 0.1dB steps
Freq. Range:  19.7Hz - 32kHz in 1/36 octave steps
Filter ‘Q’/Bandwidth:  0.4 to 128 / 2.5 to 0.008
Switched to shelving response LF:  19.2|Hz to 1kHz; HF:  1kHz to 32kHz
Additional filter types:  High/Low Variable “Q” (resonant), High/Low Pass Elliptical, Band Pass, Notch, Phase, All Pass, High/Low Shelving

Crossover Filters:  High Pass:  10Hz to 16kHz, Low Pass:  35Hz to 22kHz,  in 1/36 octave steps
Responses:  1st order 6dB/oct; Bessel/Butterworth/Linkwitx-Riley 12-24dB/oct.
Bessel/Butterworth 18dB/oct.

Maximum Delay Setting:  650mS (Input to Output), Minimum step size 0.3uS
Program Limiter:  Threshold +22dBu to -10dBu;  Attack Time  0.3mSto 90mS;  Release Time 2/4/8/16/32x Atk*
“D-Max” Clip Limiter:  Attack Time  -60uS; Release Time Slow/Medium/Fast*

Real Time Clock and Calendar:  Updated automatically when synced with PC
User Memories and Timers:  Up to 20 user memories;  Up to 10 Timer Recalls
GPI Recalls:  Simple (one recall per input);  Complex (up to 16 recalls - binary encoded); Wall Panel Mode**

*Limiter attack and release times can be set to automatically track the high pass filter on each output channel (recommended). 
**For use with MC2 preset recall wall panel only

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